The Boat

Our boat is a merenpoort 970. It is a steel dutch built boat with a length of 9.7 metres. Our boat is built in the winter 1980 as a casco. The previous owner of out boat wanted to create the interior by himself and sail around the world. But he wasn’t able to finish this job.

In the period from 1981 till 1992 the boat has been in the water onlu 4 seasons, and only the last time including the sails.

From 1992 till 2012, nothing was done with the boat. And then we bought it.

Out first job was strip the paint off the outside and repaint the wohole outside of the boat. This took the whole summer.

After and during the outside job, we also started with the inside. The plan was to keep the interior, but we decided to strip it entirely and paint the inside also.

After the first year of hard work, we were kind of ready to take het out for the first sail. Primitive interior and the first weeks even without windows.

In the future we will create here pages about all our boat projects, including the refit.

Measurements of our boat.