The main crew of akkasailing are Niels and Marjet. Beside the main crew, children Annika and Joppe and dog Casper the Airedale terrier will also sail a lot of time with us.


Niels is born in 1971 in the east part of the Netherlands, in Enschede. In his young years, he sailed during summertime with his parents. At the age of 18 he gets more interested in sailing and started taking sailing lessons, and later also giving sailing lessons. At the age of 22 he bought his first boad, a dutch wooden open sailing boot 16m2. Complete refit with Marjet.
After 2 years when the boat was ready, we sailed 5weeks during summer through Friesland.


Marjet was born in 1970 in the middle of the Netherlands in Amersfoort. She met Niels during her study period in Enschede. Until she met Niels, she had less sailing experience. The real sailing experience came when sailing with Niels after the refit of our first boat. She is captain of the catering.


As the family growed, the type of boat also growed… The 16m2 became a frindship 23 in 2007 and in 2012 the Merenpoort 970.
In 2014 Niels started as frontman with competition sailing in a Valk.
Niels is also the major part of the refit and maintenance of our boats.