Back from the boat, we were supposed to be home for a week, but it turned into 2. Busy with our work, but also with the necessary boat work to do and figure out.

Because the converter/inverter from 12V to 220V had given up. So a new one had to be obtained. Otherwise, we can’t charge our laptops, and then we can’t (long) work without power from the boat. Something like that.

But as things go, one thing led to another. So, we ended up with solar panels. They also need to be installed on the boat.

We’re also finishing our cockpit tent-for-when-we’re-not-there and the cover for the forehatch. This keeps the woodwork a bit drier and less exposed to the sun when we’re not there.

The additional pieces for the bench are also being made. The foam has been in the boat for years and is now finally equipped with a cushion cover.

Furthermore, we’re making the wooden plates to cover the holes in the ceiling. That wood has been on the boat several times… now finally cut to size.

In addition, we’ve been busy with the power. An inverter and solar panel box were purchased at Obelink, cables were ordered and picked up at Elektramat, solar panels were ordered and received from Correct, and finally, fuses were obtained from Henk Pen.