Finally, it’s happening: workation. For the next few weeks, we work from the boat.

On Sunday evening, we go to the boat, work on Monday, and in the late afternoon, we go grocery shopping. Then quickly to Starteiland – we have dinner around 23:00 – but we’re off!

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we are at Starteiland (because there is power). We work during the day and try to do a bit more on the boat in the evenings.

On Wednesday evening, we test our Cobb BBQ grill with a briquette basket. That’s worth repeating!

On Thursday, in the late afternoon, we find a little island – done working for this week. Tomorrow (Friday), we get the electrical stuff in order. At least connect the inverter so that we can also charge the laptops from the battery.

On Friday evening, we go home for a bit – there’s rain and wind coming. And if we paint the Valk now, we don’t have to do it later, and it is well cured for the Sneekweek. Also, Niels needs to go to work on Monday, and there’s something with a dentist on Tuesday…

The plan is to go back to the boat on Tuesday evening.